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Travel and Lodging




( The information below is for Portland Oregon to Burns Oregon only. Each link takes you to the site so you can adjust to whichever city/town you are in.)


There will be two Charter buses for Bands, DJs. Only 5 seats available for Platinum VIP's. Buses will pick you up the 2 days before the event. Bus loading time and the exact location will be available a week before the event.

2 shuttle buses will also be available for during the event.

  Other travel options and estimated pricing

By train

There is a train that will take you from Portland to Eugene. A  bus will pick you up from Eugene to Burns. Train tickets usually cost $21 to $50 one way. The bus that runs from Eugene to Burns usually costs $47 one way. Go to:

for more information.

By Bus

Just by bus will normally cost $90 to $159. This option is the longest time of arrival. Go to

for more information.

By Plane

Burns Oregon believe it or not has a small airport.

There is an air taxi that can take you from Portland to Burns. This is the more expensive option. Flights run from $1479 to $7442. However you get here in 1 hr and 33 minutes. Go to

for more Information.


You can also drive to Burns Oregon which can take 5 hours and 20 minutes. For more Information and map go to,+OR/to/Burns,+OR


Below is all the information you need for Hotels and other lodging Options. (I suggest booking in advance)


Platinum VIP's get 5 free nights at the Rory & Ryan Inn

There will be camping allowed on the property with purchase of a 3 day ticket or VIP pass . If you want a hotel instead you can go to

For more information.

There are other places not too far from Burns as well. This is just in case all the hotels in Burns are booked. Just click the link above for hotel information.

If you are driving and don't mind a bit of an adventure, there are a couple of towns 1-2 hours away, where you will be able to see some beautiful country. Click the link for a map.


These are just to name a few and to give you an estimate on driving time.


John day: 1 hr 20 minutes

French-glen: 1 hr 1 minute

Ontario:2 hrs 12 minutes

Bend: 2 hrs and 19 minutes

(Information from google maps)

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