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The Goth Invasion In Portland

The Goth Invasion In Portland was a 3 night event that happened in October 2021 in Portland Oregon. I put on this event to help raise the funding needed for The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival. This page will have videos and pictures of past live events. You can click on any of the bands logos to be taken to their bandcamp links. There is also a YouTube Playlist of the bands that performed this event

Past Goth Invasion LIVE events
Goth Invasion in Portland 2021 website pic.jpg
Bands that performed at Goth Invasion Live Events

Click on any of the band logos below to be taken to their bandcamps

October 14th, 15th and 16th, 2021
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Youtube playlist of Bands that performed at past Live events

Below is videos and pictures of the Goth Invasion in Portland event that happened October 2021.  Please if you attended the Goth Invasion of Portland October 2021 and have pictures please send them to 


The Goth Invasion in Portland 2021 video and pictures