Do you think you can escape? This is an escape the room, tag and haunted house all in one game. There are 4 levels. Each level has 3 rooms you must escape before the time runs out. The levels are easy, medium, hard, and Hell.

You can choose your level when you check in at the nurses station. 

There must be 5 players in a team to play the game. Before you enter the first room, you will have some time to talk with your teammates in the waiting room area if you need to.

Each level comes with its own countdown.

-Easy: 1 hour (20 minutes per room)

-Medium: 45 minutes (15 minutes per room)

-Hard: 30 minutes (10 minutes per room)

-Hell: 18 minutes (6 minutes per room)

Each level also comes with a color. When you check in you will get a hospital gown with 2 flags of the color of the level your team chose attached to each shoulder area of the gown on and a hospital bracelet of the same color. The bracelet will have both your name and the team's name printed on an insert part of the bracelet.  


You can win a prize as a team.

 To win a team prize, 3 or more of your teammates must escape all 3 rooms before the time runs out, not get any flags captured and make it to the safe zone.

Each player can receive a single prize ticket to redeem at the prize booth . 

To win a prize ticket you must escape all 3 rooms, not get any flags captured and make it to the safe zone.


If your time runs out you will have to face either asylum patients, zombies or demons depending on the level. They will be let loose in the halls where you then must pass them and don't get your flags captured. If you lose both flags before getting to the safe zone you lose the game. 


If for some reason you can't handle it there is an escape. You can enter into the scare halls, where you can scare players that are in the rooms. However this also means you have lost the game and will not receive a prize. 


If you can beat all 4 levels in the same day you win the entire game and receive a Grand Prize.

If your team can win all 4 levels in the same day, the whole team will win the game and receive a Grand prize.

The Purple Bat will be a place where you can enjoy a glass of wine, a mug of beer or even a cup of coffee. There will be a variety of beverages to choose from.  

A club event that happens every night during the festival. Doors will open at 10pm and will be open till 2 am. 21 and up only. Each night will have DJ's playing you all your favorite Goth, Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, and Synthpop.

There will be live music every night of the festival. 4 bands per night will play from 6pm till 9pm.


 A 9 hole mini golf course set in a haunted graveyard with spooky attractions.


A zombie apocalypse themed laser tag game set for both teams and single players. 

The Screaming Spirits Tavern is a Halloween themed Tavern. Here you can get a drink and enjoy music from a Jukebox with all goth genre music.  Here will also be the pool tournament happening from 5pm till 9pm. There is a $10 buy in to participate in the pool tournament. Which goes into the pot for the winnings. Free entry. 21+ only.

The Screaming Spirits Tavern doors open at Noon.

There will be plenty of different vendors in the vending area to do a little bit of shopping

There will be more added soon.......


 The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival

This page describes what The Goth Invasion of Burns festival will be once the goal has been reached. You can help The Goth Invasion reach that goal by clicking either button below. Thank you so much for your support.