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For the beginning of
The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival

 The First Goth Invasion of Burns Festival

The first Goth Invasion of Burns event will be only 3 days in Burns Oregon. There will be bands and DJs all 3 nights of the event at a local venue. All 3 days of the event will have vendors and art at a local park. There will also be food and some carnival games where you can win prizes at the park. 

During the day for all 3 days at the park will be for all ages

All 3 nights of the event at the venue will be 21+

 The Future for The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival

The Future for The Goth Invasion of Burns is a lot bigger. Once the first event starts I will then every year have the money I make at The Burns festival go back into the Burns festival to help it grow into what I dream for it in the future. Which is huge. I am not creating these events for profit. I am creating these events for the Gothic Community to enjoy.

Eventually getting to the point where I will have the full dream full filled of a Gothic town and theme park. Which is The Goth Invasions ultimate goal.

Do you think you can escape The Asylum? This is an escape the room, tag and haunted house maze all in one game. You will enter The Asylum and check in at the nurses station to receive your hospital gown with flags attached and your hospital bracelet which you will need to redeem prizes.

It will be set up like a haunted maze with the escape rooms going through the maze every now and then. Meaning that in order to continue through the maze to get out you will have to escape the rooms to continue. At the end of the maze will be a tag game where there will be monsters in the tag hall that will try to steal your flags.

If you get to the Safe Zone with at least one flag left you win the game and can claim a prize.

In order to enter the maze you must have a group of 6 people with you. You will have to work as a team in the escape rooms. Some puzzles will require more than one person to solve. 

The Purple Bat sign.png

The Purple Bat Barista and Speakeasy will be a place where you can enjoy a cozy gothic atmosphere with the smells of coffee and old books.  Enjoy a good book and a variety of beverages to choose from including beer and wine.

There will also be some food items to choose from like muffins,cookies,soups, salads, small sandwiches and finger foods. In the speakeasy area there will be a small stage for smaller performances like open mic night, poetry readings, small band performances, etc.. and there will also be a small DJ setup for the DJs that want to spin outside their scheduled sets. As long as there are no stage performances going on unless that performance requires a DJ. Outside seating will be available. If the weather is cooler there will be heating lamps to keep you cozy from the October chill.


The Oubliette club will be open every night during the festival. Doors will open at 10pm and will be open till 2 am. Each night will have DJ's playing you all your favorite Goth, Industrial, EBM, Darkwave and Synthpop. 

This is going to be an ultimate Goth club with enough room for everyone to dance on the dance floor, mingle and enough sitting areas with different views of the club.

A long custom made bar will be on one side of the club where you can order your drinks. 

If the lines are to long there will also be servers in each section to take your orders.

There will be a huge dance floor with all the club lighting needed. The DJs will spin from a stage. The stage is to protect the DJ and all the equipment. You can still make requests if those DJs wish to take requests.

There will also be go-go dancers.


There will be live music every night of the event from 5:00 PM till 9:30 PM. There will be 4 or more different bands playing per night. The bands will be performing on the outside stages, indoor stages or both depending on weather.


A zombie apocalypse themed laser tag game where you will have to survive a post apocalyptic scene and yes there will be real zombies, no animatronics here folks. 

First you need your laser gear so go to the gear rental booth and choose what you want to protect yourself from the undead with. You can enter the game either as a team or as a single player.

The game is set for 20 players to play the game at a time against a lot of zombies who have been let loose in the post apocalyptic maze. 

If you do not wish to play the game that is okay. You can sit in the bleachers overlooking the whole arena to watch the game. 


The Screaming Spirits Tavern is a Halloween themed Tavern. You can order a drink, pick a song on jukebox filled with all that lovely Goth music you love, including music from the bands that will be performing during the festival.  There will a be a pool tournament happening the first 3 days of the festival. The tournament will go from 1pm till 4pm. There will be a $10 buy in to participate in the pool tournament. Which goes into the pot for the winnings. Only one person can win the pot at the end of the tournament.

There will also be a medium sized stage in the Tavern. The stage will be used for burlesque shows, DJ area, karaoke night and whatever else I can figure out to use the stage for.



There will be plenty of different vendors in the indoor and outdoor vending areas. Depending on weather will determine on if I will use both vending areas or just the inside vending area.

The inside vendor building will also have a Art Gallery area and a Arts and crafts area. The art gallery will have limited spaces for artists to display and sell their artworks. The arts and crafts area is open to anyone who wants to dive into their creative side. Each day/night of the event will have a different arts and crafts project to do.

The Far Future Ideas For The Goth Invasion will be added at a later time

Please send donations to my Venmo: Sabby Reaper@thegothinvasion

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