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All sales goes into The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival Fundraiser. 

The Goth Invasion Coffin Box Collections
Series #1

Each individual box is made of soft pine and is 6 inches long. These boxes are premade and purchased in bulk from another company so I don't make the boxes myself. I do however sand them and fix them if needed, then I condition the wood to make the pattern of each individual box to bring out the pattern in the wood when I stain it with an ebony stain. Once the stain has dried I draw the design on with a stencil, then paint over that stencil with Acrylic paints. I glue the cloth inside the coffin, then I clear coat the whole outside of the coffin.

Each box is unique so your box will differ from the pictures of the boxes shown below.

Each coffin box of the collection comes with a type of polished stone or crystal, a skeleton key bottle opener and a randomly chosen charm.

5 out of the 6 coffin boxes comes with a randomly chosen necklace which will be in a little gift box. 

4 out of the 6 coffin boxes comes with a 5th item that goes with the theme of the box.

 Necklaces, charms and stones will differ from the pictures shown below.

For more details on each box in this collection you can watch my Facebook live show 

"Off the Cuff"

The live show starts at 6pm PST On The Goth Invasion's Facebook page.

Each box takes time to make and I pay for the shipping costs. So it may take up to 3 weeks to receive your box. Please be patient you WILL get your box as soon as I am able to ship it out to you.

You can purchase the whole collection or purchase the coffin boxes individually.

All proceeds goes into The Goth Invasion of Burns fundraiser.