Week Two

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Hey everyone I am sorry I meant to post earlier and of course on Tuesday. Yesterday I was not feeling so well, and well today just kind of got away with me. LOL. Anyhow I finished my resume and my business plan today and sent them to my consulting agent for my funding. I was happy to hear that he said my business plan was pretty precise. Well I have been working on it since I had the idea. In a few days I will be filing for my LLC and will actually be a business owner. I will also be setting up my business phone here soon as well. I am sorry to say that I will be having to delay some upgrades for the members page for now. I have to get all the other important things done first.

I am working hard for this. Harder then I have worked on anything else in my life. This is my dream and I want to see it come to reality.

Picture of the week:

Pic for the week

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.

Music video of the week:

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