Week Three

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

So I am a bit late tonight in posting my blog for the week. I was out celebrating. I just received my LLC today. I am now a business owner. SQUEEEE!!!! I only have a few more things to get done. Well at least all the legal stuff. There is still a lot more work that needs doing. Step by step The Goth Invasion is coming to life. Whoever is reading this I am recommending getting tickets now while you can. The earlier you get your tickets, you can start saving for the bigger festival. With all the planning I have been doing, this will be a festival that you do not want to miss. For this weeks blog post I am going to show you the planning I have for the Escape The Asylum.

The idea is to have kind of a PennHurst/ The Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane style, with 3 rooms to escape from. A morgue, A Electric Therapy room and Patient room. There will be a creepy Lobby/ waiting room complete with Nursing station where each entry/exit door will be. There will also be sound effects and visual effects. You have to complete the puzzles to escape into the safe zone (The waiting room/Lobby) before the patients get you.

I am working with A+ Props for the scenario, story line, design and of course the actual making of it. Below are just pictures of ideas, not actual design.

Idea for the elctric threapy room ( not the actual finished design)

Patient room idea ( not the actual finished design)

Morgue idea ( not the actual finished design)

I will post the actual designs once they are done. I hope everyone will have an awesome week.

Music Video of the week:

Picture of the week:

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