Visiting Portland and other stuff

My visit to Portland went rather well. I was in Portland from the 15th to the 22nd of February.

The day that I left home started early. I woke up at 4 am and finished what was left of packing and loaded up the truck. Edward (My Hubby) and I left at around 8am and was estimated to arrive in Portland by noon maybe a little after.

My hotel had already been booked a week in advance. Every time I visit Portland I try to get the king room at The Inn at the Convention Center. I love this hotel because of how convenient everything is in the area the hotel is located.

Had a wonderful drive, with some light snow that looked like fog in the distance. As seen in the video.

Once I arrived in Portland and checked into my room, which almost did not happen due to me not having the $100 deposit. (They gave me till Wednesday to pay it) I went into my room which was the King room with a city view. The room was spacious and the bed of course was a king and rather quite comfortable. The view was amazing. (Sadly I forgot to take some pictures. Maybe next time.)

I unpacked and got myself ready for my once a month Vlog I do every 3rd Saturday of the month. If you do not know about my Vlog, it is called "After Hours". It is a live stream video I put on, on The Goth Invasion Facebook page every 3rd Saturday of the month starting at 9pm.

I decided to not dress up since I was strapped for time. I started the live show at 6pm, which is not the normal time. I was also planning on going out for my birthday that night. So I basically wore what I have been wearing all day.

I had a blast doing my Vlog in Portland and was happy to see everyone who came during the live show.

It was around 10pm when I went out to The Lovecraft bar and met up with a couple of friends. I had a lot of fun that night and had plenty of birthday drinks. I stayed till the end of the night and decided to walk back to the room. Which was not a big deal really. It was a nice walk though I should have packed a warmer jacket.

I crashed after a little bit cause I had to wake up early to meet my boyfriend Leif at the train station. Before you ask or wonder yes I have more then one relationship. In fact I have 3. Edward who is my hubby and who is also in charge of who I am allowed to date. Then my 2 boyfriends. The 2 boyfriends are long distance.

Anywho, I spent my time with him from Sunday till Wednesday. During which time I met one of his friends who I had a lot in common with and felt that we got along rather nicely. I also got one of my wrists trapped in handcuffs. Ended up having to go to the police station to get them off. Which was funny as hell and a memory I will always treasure and look back on every time I look at the scare that is now on my wrist. I Had and amazing time with my boyfriend till the time that he had to leave to go back home.

Thursday I went out to Shadowplay at The Lovecraft Bar wearing a brand new outfit. I had an awesome time and got to see some people I have not seen for awhile.

I will go into more details during the next "After Hours" show.

All in all it was an amazing trip at least till it was time to go home. I ended up getting a terrible cough during the last days in Portland, losing my voice and feeling like shit. Still have a little bit left to get through but feeling a bit better than I have been the last few days. Now I am back to work, working hard in making The Goth Invasion a reality.


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