Starting over/Week One

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Today is Tuesday September 18th 2018. If you have noticed I have deleted all other posts. I am starting over. Today was a good day. I am getting all the things I need to get done for my Business. Yes I do consider The Goth Invasion to be a business. This week I started with getting help with funding. I am working with Central Business Funding, They are a group of awesome people who will try to help me get the funding I need. Though there is no guarantee that I will get the funding I need, I believe they will help in every possible way to get it to happen. So crossing my fingers.

I do have my work cut out for me. Starting with getting my LLC and all the other little details that need to be done to make The Goth Invasion come into reality. So I am working very hard to make this happen for all of you. I know that this event, this festival is needed and hopefully wanted.

I am excited to be going to Tampa in November, getting to meet the DJ's from Communion After Dark. Which will be at The Goth Invasion of Burns and hopefully will also be at The Goth Invasion of Portland. I am also happy to have my first 2 bands to join The Goth Invasion. I am working on contacting more. Though since it so early have not gotten any replies yet.

These are the Bands I am contacting or have contacted:


Seraphim Shock


Assemblage 23

Icon of Coil

Die Robot


Mono Inc



Aesthetic Perfection

VNV Nation

Project Pitchfork

God Module



The Birthday Massacre

Gene Loves Jezebel

Devoured By Flowers


No Longer Human

Strap On Halo

Burning Gate

State of the Union

Red Cell


Ashbury Heights

Dead when I found Her

Black Magdaline

Clan of Xymox

Dead Can Dance

The Last Dance


Goth Brooks

The Vision Bleak

John Haughm


Death in June

Black tape for a Blue girl


Solar Fake

Alien Produkt


Electro Spectre

Vogue Noir

Panic Lift

Panic Priest

Leather Strip

Solitary Experiments


Gary Numan

Hopefully I can be able to get in touch with these bands and 10 of these awesome bands will join the Invasion. No promises but I am hoping.

In the next week or so I will be contacting performers as well. I am planning on getting a rather large black and purple big top tent that will be in the Carnival area, that the performers will be performing at.

The performers I have listed to make contact with is:

Valouria Productions

Cory Allen

Alison Lockfeld

Daniel Patrick Obey

Aaron Crow

Duo Transcend

These are what I have listed to contact so far. Hopefully they will Join.

Other then all of that the week has been a bit slow. Still working on more details.

Within the next couple of years I will be doing ticket giveaways and contests here and there so stay tuned for that. Well that is all for now. I am going to end this with the Song of the week. See you all next Tuesday.

Music video for the week:

Picture of the week:

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