My yard this year for Halloween

I finished the graveyard yesterday shown in the pic below. That was actually the easy part.

Close up of my porch and part of the rock garden/boneyard. The yellow tape fell the moment I took this picture. lol

A closer pic of Dracula's Grave with other tombstones. I love the color of my vine this year.

Thess pics below shows the whole decor I did this year. The rock garden/boneyard was not an easy job. Edward and I worked together on this one. He pulled all the weeds, which damn there was a lot of weeds. I tried pulling them myself and had difficulties. After the weeding was done I had to move all the rocks, boulders and and bones out so we could rake and shovel all the old stuff out. The back yard has become a bit of a junk pile till we can take it all out to the dump. Then it was putting down the yard plastic, putting in the new mulch and putting all the rocks and bones in place. I did that all on my own. Edward helped with the harder stuff.

After all of it was done I was in so much pain. But it is worth it.

Yes my house is haunted.

Close up of Dracula's Grave

Happy Spooky month everyone!!!

I want to see your decorations for Halloween this year! Create a post here in The Goth Invasion Blog. Can't wait to see all the spooky decor!!

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