Just a reminder to all members

Hey to all you members who have signed up to this website. Don't forget that you too can write here on the news feed. If you have a feather icon on your profile then you can post in the news feed. Also you can get a chance to earn a participation badge if you post 5 or more posts in the news feed. When you earn the most participation badges before the reset date, you can win cool prizes. There is a 1st,2nd and 3rd place prizes. Go to the participation badge page to see what participation badges are available to earn, who is winning so far and who won prizes in the past. Also do not forget you can also chat in the group chatroom at anytime. The more of you that participate the better it will look. More pictures, more chats and more news feed posts will show that my website is not a ghost town and will also be a great way to show your support and you have not forgotten The Goth Invasion and all that it stands for. Which is to bring the Gothic community together. Thank you

Announcement brought to you by Sabriel The Dark Queen.

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