Hello Goth Invasion friends! It's my first time on here so I'd like to share something very special. This is DARKSTAR. It was a project an old friend commissioned me to do a few years back. It is in soundtrack form, so be prepared for a journey! It tells a story using samples, keys, beats, ect. there are no vocals or poems of any kind. This is Solo-X's version of Hell. Much like Dante's inferno, but with a very different twist. Spacey, dark, epic. There are two parts. I will post part two in a future blog post, or you can follow the link to my soundcloud page & find it there. I consider this one of my most epic works to date. Very powerful, dealing with very strong & often uncomfortable themes, sounds & tones. I plan on making a "directors commentary" version so I can explain exactly what is going on in each part. There are 18 tracks in the 2 part series, taking you through the 9 layers of this hell, finally coming face to face with DARKSTAR itself...

I've never done anything like this before, but it won't be the last as I have another project in the works with a different hellish Sci Fi scenario.

Put on your headphones & enjoy!


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