April 23rd 2021 Goth Invasion Fundraiser Event.: Thank you for all the support!!

Just 7 more days to go! So excited!! This is the first event The Goth Invasion is doing and I am so thankful to everyone who is helping me with this event to make it amazing. I want to thank DJ Jody Rose for helping me with the lineup and connecting me with some amazing people. I want to thank the Dance Darklings crew for supporting the event and helping Jody and I host the event. Thank you Aurora for creating a digital flyer for me when we started promoting the event. Thank you to all the bands, DJs for wanting to be a part of this event. Thank you Lashes Lane for performing a burlesque show for this event to make it that much sweeter. You Rock girl!! Thank you to all my fans out there that are planning on going and supporting this event. Also thank you to the fans that have been with me since 2017 when I first started The Goth Invasion Project. I would have not gotten this far without you guys. So many virtual hugs to you all.

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