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Virtual Events

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After Hours is the Goth Invasion's virtual club and social night I do every Thursday at 9pm till 7am Pacific Time. The music starts in sets of 5 songs that I choose then I play 5 song requests from members who have joined. After each set everyone can unmute and we can all chat for a little bit before my next set.

This Zoom Meeting ID and Password will be posted on The Goth Invasion Kingdom private FB group page. So you must be a member of the group page to get the Zoom info.

Copy of Copy of Coffee Talk Event Social

This is my Zoom chat I do every Wednesday at 2pm till 6pm Pacific time. During this chat I will talk about any Goth Invasion updates or news I might have. You can ask me questions in real time. Other then that members and I just hang out and chat about stuff over coffee or whatever their wakeup beverage happens to be.

Zoom Meeting ID and Password will be posted every week on The Goth Invasion Kingdom FB private group page.

Live Events

The Goth Invasion is working on having 2 different Live events, The Goth Invasion in Portland and The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival. 

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The Goth Invasion in Portland is a smaller 3 day event to help raise the money needed for the 7 day Festival in Burns. The ticket link will be posted as soon as I have it. Still working on the final preparations. Go to the Portland event page for more details.

The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival will be a Gothic music festival with Halloween attractions, games and atmosphere. This event will be for 7 days/nights. The last night ending on Halloween. I currently have a fundraiser for this event. You can purchase merchandise in the store or click the donate button below. I need your help to raise the $500,000 needed to start building this awesome event that maybe one day in the future become a full on year around Gothic/Halloween theme park. You can find more information on this event on The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival page.

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