Help The Goth Invasion

 The Goth Invasion needs your help!!!! 

When you donate to The Goth Invasion you will receive a Goth Invasion Coffin Box. Inside each coffin box will be a charm, a skeleton key bottle opener and a polished stone.

Each coffin box is stained, painted and decorated by hand. Each coffin box is unique. They are made of soft pine.

These boxes are given only to donors. This is my way of saying thank you for your help.

All donations goes into funding all Goth Invasion events including The Goth Invasion of Burns, which can't happen without your help. Thank you so much for the support!!!

The minimum donation allowed is $3


Picture shown is the coffin box made for 1st time donations. There will be a different designed coffin box with a different stone and key for repeat donors. First time donors will also receive a blank charm bracelet with the charm. Repeat donors will receive another charm that can be added to the charm bracelet.

Thank you for Donating!!