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The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival Fundraiser

I am asking for your help in raising the funds needed for the first Goth Invasion of Burns Festival. The funds will go into everything needed to have an awesome first festival, including purchasing the property needed, building permits etc......

You can help by either clicking on the donate button below or by purchasing Goth Invasion merchandise by clicking on the store button below.

The amount raised so far can be seen below the store button on this page.

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The Goal to reach is $500,000. No more, no less. 

The Goth Invasion Store

The Goth Invasion has an online store where you can purchase Goth Invasion merchandise. All sales goes into The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival Fundraiser. 

Merchandise is available when I have the items in stock. Series #1 of The Goth Invasion Coffin Box Collection is available now.  More merchandise will be available soon. Including Goth Invasion shirts, hoodies and bat plushies. 

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The Goth Invasion is working on having 2 different events, The Goth Invasion in Portland and The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival. Both events will be annual in the month of October. 

The Goth Invasion in Portland will be the smaller event of the two events. This event will take place in Portland Oregon at a Portland local venue. This event happens for 3 nights on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday earlier within the month of October.

The first Portland Goth Invasion event is set for October of next year. 

Dates, Times and Venue TBA

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The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival is a project I am currently working on. Once building is done and it is safe for the public this festival will happen as an annual event happening the last week of October. The last night will be on Halloween night after The Goth Invasion Park closes at 2:30 am. 

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Band and DJs

I have made a dedicated page for all the bands and djs that perform and spin at Goth events. Each event will have its own lineup starting with the first event The Goth Invasion in Portland 2021 lineup. 

Please support the music and artists who keep the Goth scene alive.

Social Media

Below are all the shows I do on social media. All shows are recommended for mature audiences and viewer discretion is advised.

Off the Cuff is a Facebook Live show I do every Wednesday 6pm till ? Pacific time on The Goth Invasion Facebook page. If you do happen to miss the live show you can watch the replay later so you don't miss out on any updates. The length of the show will depend on when I ended the live which is whenever I feel like it.

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Off the Cuff After Party is a facetime group messenger room I do on The Goth Invasion Kingdom group page after I have ended the regular Off the Cuff show on Wednesday. This show starts at around 9pm Pacific time and goes till I end the night which will depend on when I want to end it.  

You must be a member of the group page to join in.

After Hours The Virtual Party is a Facebook Messenger Room that opens every Saturday at 10 pm(PST).

The room stays open till 2 or 2:30 am

Come join me The Dark Queen of The Goth Invasion and the rest of The Goth Invasion kingdom as we laugh, party and just have a whole bunch of shenanigans going on.

You can opt out of video if you want. Just let us know every now and then that you are still in the party.

This is not recorded so what happens during After Hours stays in the memories of those who joined in. The night differs each week depending on the members who join the party.

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Music, Artist,

The Goth Invasion is first and foremost a Gothic Music Festival. I support all the music,artists and Entertainers on this website the best way I know how and with your support I can help them have a cool venue to show off their talents. On this website you will hear and see a lot of music in the Gothic genre.

Please support all the bands, djs, artists and entertainers on this website when you can. They are the ones that help keep the Goth scene alive.

Below is a playlist on my Youtube channel for the bands that will be performing at the first Goth Invasion event. 

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Below is the music from the bands performing at the first Goth Invasion event in Portland Oregon 2021. 

The playlist is set up like the lineup for the event. So it goes opening band then headliner.

This playlist is only a sample of what you will hear. I only put 4 music videos from each band. This playlist will change when I find new music from the artists. Please support these bands and subscribe to their Youtube channels.