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The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival Fundraiser

I am asking for your help in raising the funding needed for The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival. 

You can help by either donating or by purchasing Goth Invasion merchandise.

The amount raised so far can be seen on the top of the page.

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The Goth Invasion Store

The Goth Invasion has an online store where you can purchase Goth Invasion merchandise. All sales goes into The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival Fundraiser. 

Merchandise is available when I have the items in stock. At the moment I have 6 of the 8 of The Goth Invasion Coffin Box collection (shown in picture below) available to purchase at the moment. More merchandise will be available soon. Including Goth Invasion shirts, hoodies and bat plushies. 

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The Goth Invasion is working on having 2 different events, The Goth Invasion of Portland and The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival. Both events will be annual in the month of October. 

The Goth Invasion of Portland will be the smaller event. Happening earlier in the month of October on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In Portland Oregon.


The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival is the second event. The festival will be for 7 days/nights on the last week of October. The last night of the festivities will end at closing time Halloween night. I am currently raising the funds needed for this festival.

Band and DJs

I decided to make a page dedicated to all the bands and DJs that perform at All Goth Invasion events. 

On this page you can click on any band's logo and be taken to the their website.

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 I hope you will come join me every Monday @ 5pm pacific time while I talk about The Goth Invasion events. What events the bands and djs that will be performing at The Goth Invasion events are doing that week or month. I also talk about any other information about the Goth Invasion including showing off the Goth Invasion Coffin Box Collection. All the while commenting live on all your comments.

There is more to the show then what I just told you, but you would have to come see for yourself.

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After Hours is a virtual party that I do every Saturday 10pm till 2am pacific time in Facebook Messenger Rooms. You can only join this party if you are a member on The Goth Invasion Kingdom Facebook group page. 

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Below is a playlist I have on The Goth Invasion's YouTube Channel. The playlist is named "Music I Like" 

There are some songs on this list that may not be in the Goth genre but I still like listening to them.

You can skip through any song you do not like.

This is an ever growing list. I will be adding music every now and then.