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Hello and welcome to The Goth Invasion's website. I am Sabriel The Dark Queen and The Goth Invasion is my kingdom. 

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The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival Fundraiser

 All donations go into The Goth Invasion funds. I need your help in raising the money to make The Goth Invasion Burns Festival a reality. 

The Goth Invasion Online Store is Open!!

 All sales goes into The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival funds. Click the button below to see what is available to purchase. Merchandise is available when I have the supplies and items in stock.

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The first event is in Portland Oregon. The event is for 3 nights on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday in October. This is the smaller event. Click button below for more information on The Goth Invasion of Portland.

The second event is The Goth Invasion of Burns. This event is a week long festival that happens the week of Halloween. The last day ending on Halloween. The Goth Invasion Burns festival is located in or near the town of Burns Oregon. Click the button below for more information on The Goth Invasion of Burns.

Off the Cuff
After Hours: The Virtual Party

Off the Cuff

This is The Goth Invasion's promotional show. I will let you know about any new updates. I will also promote about The Goth Invasion events, coffin boxes and pretty much anything that has to do with The Goth Invasion.

After Hours: The Virtual Party 

This is a Zoom Meeting that happens every Saturday. It is exactly as it sounds, a virtual party where you get to hang out with me Sabriel The Dark Queen of The Goth Invasion. We can talk about anything that comes to mind. Trust me I will. This show is not recommended for anyone younger than 21. I am also 420 friendly and partake in it myself. Please respect everyone who has joined in the party. All are welcome but if you can't play nice then you will be kicked out instantly. I want everyone to have a good time and to feel free to just be yourself. The link to the meeting will be in a Event Page on The Goth Invasion Facebook. Click button below to be taken to the Facebook page.

Below is a YouTube playlist I titled "Music I like. Not all of the music is  in the Gothic genre. You can skip through any song you don't want to listen to.  I do not have it on autoplay. You must click on a video to play.