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About The Goth Invasion  

Hello my fellow Goths, family and friends. I am Sabriel The Dark Queen of The Goth Invasion. I am here to tell you about this vision of mine. The Goth Invasion is all about bringing the Gothic community together and I support all things Goth.

The Goth Invasion has 2 events. 

First event is The Goth Invasion of Portland. The Goth Invasion of Portland is a 3 day event that happens early October on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The event has 2 bands and 2 Djs each night. On the last night of the event there is a costume contest with gift basket prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. For more information on the Goth Invasion of Portland click on the button below


The second event is The Goth Invasion of Burns. This event is a week long festival that happens the week of Halloween. The last day ending on Halloween. The Goth Invasion Burns festival is located in or near the town of Burns Oregon. Click the button below for more information on The Goth Invasion of Burns


Please Help The Goth Invasion

The Goth Invasion needs your help

 All donations goes into funding for The Goth Invasion of Burns festival. I need your help in making this a reality so please click the button below to be taken to the donation page and donate whatever you can to help. Thank you so much for your support. 

The Goth Invasion Online Store is Open!!

 Click on the button below to be taken to The Goth Invasion store page. There you can purchase Goth Invasion Merchandise. All sales goes into The Goth Invasion of Burns Festival funds.

Off the Cuff & After Hours

Off the Cuff and After Hours are 2 shows I do every Saturday on Facebook live on The Goth Invasion's Facebook page.

I talk about Goth Invasion updates during the Off the Cuff show. After Hours is more a party show. 

Starting June 27th After Hours will no longer be on Facebook live. You will have to sign up as a member on this website to be able to join After Hours. 

Thank you to everyone who watches and joins me while I am live.

You can join me during the live shows at:

You can view past After Hours episodes on The Goth Invasion YouTube channel and on The Goth Invasion Facebook Page

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Below is a YouTube playlist I titled "Music I like. Not all of the music is  in the Gothic genre. You can skip through any song you don't want to listen to. Also you have to click play in order to listen. I do not have it on auto play. When you are on the home page the playlist will automatically play the next song. That way if you are chatting in the shoutbox that is also below you can listen to (in my opinion) awesome music.